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8 Lessons To Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #2 of 8 )

Imagine What Life Is Like When You're Making Passive Income While Asleep


Take a moment, close your eyes and visualize exactly how your life would be if you could make money while sleeping.
Don’t think about “how” the money is being made for now, just imagine if it were your reality in this very moment.
Now realize that if you make money while asleep, you must certainly be making money all of the time.
This is exactly how it feels to be wealthy!
There are very few things as satisfying as being able to make money 24 hours a day without even having to be present
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Understanding the difference between "Linear Income" Vs. "Passive Income"

If you currently live as most people do in the world, you exchange hours being at work (time) for money.
And when the work day ends, so does the money!

"Linear Income": ( Time out of your life in exchange for money ).

What I just mentioned is an example of what is known as “linear” or “active” income.
It’s where you get paid money for your “time” to be present to carry out required tasks (job).
If you are not present at your designated place of work spending your “time” performing the required task, then you are not making any money.
Also… lose your job and the money stops entirely.
Linear income is the most common type of income among lower and middle class people.
People do not seem to be aware that their “time” is being held hostage by the desperate security of relying on linear income.
What’s even more important is that regardless of how much money that you can earn (per hour), there are only 24 hours in a day which greatly restricts the amount of money that can be earned in a given day.
This type of restricted income (more specifically the lack of time and money) often keeps people from ever having a chance to create any sort of wealth or success for themselves.
The bottom line is that you cannot make money while asleep by way of linear (or active) income.

"Passive Income": ( Perform "single" actions that each produce money over and over and over again ).

That’s right!
There are many people in the world (such as myself) who spend time performing single actions that make them money continuously over and over again.
It is the process where only a “limited” amount of time and effort is required to make long term residual money.
Why does “passive income” make people so wealthy in comparison to linear income?
Because unlike linear income, passive income can be “leveraged” by allowing each action performed to “multiply” the income being generated a multiple number of times.
The term “leveraged income” can be defined as doing the work once and getting paid repeatedly for the work that’s been done… and income derived from the efforts of others
Now imagine you applying this process to your income over your entire lifetime?

Passive Income sounds both extremely easy and extremely difficult at the same time... Why?

Well it’s probably because you’ve never had a true basic understanding of how passive income works, which is why it sounds so easy, but seems so difficult.
This is why the beginning of these lessons are so important to learn first.
I know that you’re probably getting anxious to know exactly how the process is done… and I will be getting into that very shortly.
But it is extremely important that you first begin to wrap your mind around the science behind generating passive income before you can actually do it.

What are commonly known examples of passive leveraged income? ( NOTE: These are only examples )

Real estate is probably one of the most commonly known form of passive income.
Buy a house once, rent it out over time, you’ve got passive income.
Buy an apartment building once, rent the apartments out over time, you’ve got passive income.
Buy a vacant real estate once, rent out the land, you’ve got passive income.
But don’t worry… this website is “not” about real estate!
Investing is another commonly known form of passive income.
Invest in stocks once, as they grow, you’ve got passive income.
Invest in a business once, as it grows, you’ve got passive income.
Invest in real estate once, as the value matures, you’ve got passive income.
Again, don’t worry… this website is also “not” about investing.
But it is important for you to understand that if you perform any of the actions mentioned (above) “more than once”, then you “multiply” that passive income!

The more times that you perform each single action, the more times that you multiply your passive income.

This is exactly how passive income allows you to make money while asleep… and become wealthy at the same time!
BUT… I’m not going to leave you hanging out to dry with all of that difficult real estate and investing on your mind.
I am quite aware that real estate and investing carries a very large amount of risk!
I am also aware that you practically have to be a millionaire already to be able to invest in real estate, stocks or in businesses… which is certainly “not” why you’re here.
They were only to be used as examples!

Make money while asleep with passive income... the safe and simple way.

Yes, I said “safe and simple”?
Find out how this can be done in the following lessons.

But before you continue to the next lesson, take a look at the video (below)
to get a better understanding of passive income.

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Passive Income Vs Active Income

Not all income sources are the same. Some types of income are passive income some are active income. Many people ask, how to make passive income? But what most don’t realize is that there are different ways the rich make money, especially passive income.