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Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #3 of 8 )

Passive Income has been quietly available at your fingertips for years.

Understanding the fastest way to Make Money Online With Passive Income

By far the fastest way to passive income is simply to copy the actions of people who are already successful.
If you try to figure everything out for yourself, that’s certainly taking the long road to making money.
Your life’s course of action should always be based on modeling the success of other successful people (particularly those who you admire and connect with) and then add your own personal twist or spin to improve on it.
The first step that you need to take is to change the direction of your past… which can be done immediately.
Something happened on your life’s journey that ultimately led you here to this website.
Have any of your life long questions been answered up to until this point (other than how the actual passive income will be generated)?
Don’t worry, I will get around to that soon enough… and I can assure that you will not be disappointed.
But you must first understand that all of your desires will only be fulfilled the moment that you convince the universe that you actually believe it’s possible and that you are truly serious.
Passive Income While Asleep Luxury Dining

Let me explain how wealthy people have figured out the ability to manifest their thoughts and desires into actual reality.

You were "not" satisfied with something and the universe reacted

The universe knew this and actively responded back by leading you to this website information.
That is the universe’s form of “source energy” in action manifesting a new life changing option (or new plan) for you to access, which happened completely out of thin air.
Whether you choose to believe it or not, wealthy people have secretly discovered how to “harness” this “source energy” to manipulate any “true” thoughts and desires that they have into physical reality.
Have you not seen some of the unimaginable wealth that many people have created for themselves?
Does it not seem slightly mind boggling that wealthy people seem to possess this huge unfair advantage over most people who consider that type of wealth to be virtually impossible to achieve?
If one single average person was able to work one hundred jobs all at the same time, it would still not come close to matching the type of income that many of these wealthy people generate.

So what does this tell you?

Average people either “do not know” about, “do not care” about, or “do not believe” in this seemingly imaginary wealth building process.
Many average people who have heard of this process may have tried using it, but were “never” able to produce any results.
The main reason being that anything that you “try” will NEVER produce results (wealth mindset 101)!
Harnessing “source energy” is something that must be mastered by the continuous use of practice, focus and pure belief that anything that is desired is absolutely possible.
Beyond that, the second most common reason the process fails to produce results for most average people is that they leave out the “most important element required” and that is the element of “continually taking action towards the result”.
Nothing can happen unless “continuous action is taken” towards turning your desires into reality.
I do not mean “by average people standards” where one has to be continuously “working” to produce results, but rather have some driving force “continually working in the background” that is producing “endless” results.

Harnessing the power of the universe explained.

When you call on the universe to present you with new opportunities which may help you achieve your dreams and desires, you must choose the opportunity that best suits you… and you must “act” on that opportunity more than anything you’ve ever done before in your life.
Average people are not often expecting the universe to present new opportunities to them, so whenever it happens, they “rarely even notice” when it is right in front of their eyes.
If they do happen to notice that a great opportunity has surfaced, they quickly “try it out” to see if it works.
They don’t seem to realize that if the opportunity has thousands of people who are already generating tremendous amounts of money, it means that it has already been proven to work.
So average people are really just “trying themselves out” to see if they are actually capable of achieving any success with any opportunity.
And when they quickly fail and give up (which they typically do), it was most often “the person” who failed to produce results… not the actual opportunity.
Let me give you a very quick example:

I have actually heard average people tell me that they have "tried" real estate and that it doesn't work.

Now if two people get into the same real estate opportunity at the same time, one tries it out and gives up and the other goes on to be a successful multi-millionaire… how could anyone say that real estate doesn’t work?
Only those people “who did not” take the necessary actions and overcome the possible risks required to reap the full rewards of a real estate opportunity are the ones who fail… real estate itself is “not” what failed.
Average people often say that they don’t believe in most income opportunities… when the true fact is that they don’t believe in themselves.
Now the question is, what do “you” believe… and are you going to do anything about it?
If your answer is “no”, don’t feel too bad about it because most average people have the same answer.
But there are the chosen few out there (such as myself) who didn’t even have to get this far with this information to know that the answer is positively “YES”… simply because wealthy people are always willing to “do” what average people aren’t willing to do (or believe).

Today, I am making (hands off) money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even while asleep...

Sure, it took me nearly 9 months of learning and applying what it takes to create passive income… but the reality of what you are now witnessing at this very moment was worth every minute and dollar spent.
The moment I discovered that wealthy people worked on “single actions” that multiplied “hands off” money for the future (meaning passive income), I immediately realized what my true “job” was in life… to create a simplified easy to understand website about the whole damn process!
While average people are asleep (resting up to put in those long hours to secure that minimal paycheck from their employer on the following day), wealthy people are pulling all nighters on “limited time” actions that make them money for years to come.
And then average people wonder how these wealthy people are able to make all of this money all of the time.
Well if they’re making money even while they’re sleeping, then it should all make sense… that trading physical time for linear money is “not” how it works.

Also... for wealthy people, "failure" is NEVER an option!

Wealthy people perform with a “learn from every failure and NEVER give up” mentality.
If you consider yourself to be somewhat of an average person and you would like to begin generating a source of wealth, you must “change everything” that you’ve been doing up until now, including (or should I say “especially”) your average person thought process.
If you want to build passive income, then build it.
Plain and simple!
I will show you exactly how to do it once you have fully gained the mental concept required to achieve your desired success!
Creating passive income using an “average person thought process” is NOT possible… which is why “almost all” average people fail to become wealthy in their lifetime.

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