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Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #4 of 8 )

Affiliate Links "Pay Average People Money Every Month" For New Customers!

Whenever it comes to money being generated, the money must come from a valuable source

Whenever it comes to making money, the money has to be generated from something of value.
People will “not” continuously to pay you money for “absolutely nothing”.
First, “you” must possess “something of value” that many people will want and/or need.
Second, people have to know “where they are able to find” what you have to offer.

How to go from absolutely nothing to affiliate link sales paying you every month for a company's service!

Let’s say that “you” start off with “absolutely nothing”.
Then there is someone or a company out there who offers a “valuable service” online for which they charge customers $49 per month.
That someone (or company) is willing to pay “anyone” (including you) $23.50 per month (out of the $49 per month) for referring others to their paid monthly service.
You either say to yourself “I don’t believe it” and go watch TV… or you research others who have been making money with that company and then realize “I may need to do a little bit of math here”.
You then pull out your smart phone calculator and multiply $23.50 per month (times) 1000 paying customers if you refer them to the company, you then hit the (equals) button…
What the hell?? That equals “$23,500 per month commission (or $282,000 per year)”!
Next you decide if the service provided by that company is actually being used every month by their customers, or even better, would you use the service yourself for $49 per month?
Then you do some research on the company’s overall “reputation” to find out if the customers are happy with the service and if the “affiliates” are really being paid reliable and trustworthy monthly commissions for their referrals.
You should understand that the company’s reputation ultimately affects “your reputation” as the person who is referring others to that online service and you will want to be as highly reputable as possible to your referrals.
“Your personal reputation” is far more important to you than any company’s reputation.
Once you are satisfied with all of the (above) conditions, you decide to begin referring people to that company’s website.
But how?…
Much of it will be clearly explained to you in the following lessons.
But as a brief explanation for this scenario, you will need a tool which is provided by the company called an “affiliate link” which closely tracks everyone that you send to the company’s website.
An “affiliate link” is a company website URL link that contains an embedded unique ID code which is directly connected to your affiliate account.
When anyone clicks on your unique affiliate link, they will be sent to the company sales page just as if they went to the company’s website directly.
The only difference is that any sales that are made will then be tracked back to “you”.
Once someone has clicked on your affiliate link, the company will handle everything else from that point on.
The company’s sales page will close all of your referral sales and commissions for you.
The only thing that you will be doing is sending people to your “affiliate link”… and that’s it!
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The company's referral program provides you with an "affiliate link"

The company provides “all of the marketing materials” needed (including affiliate links) inside of their exclusive “referral program’s” affiliate area.
“Referral programs” are almost always FREE to join and are typically located at the bottom of the company’s homepage in the lower footer menu.
Once you have created your personal affiliate account with the company, you will have access to your “affiliate link”
You will then need to create what is called a short “ad copy” or “sales swipe” (only if the company does not provide them for you already, which they often do).
An “ad copy” or “sales swipe” is a short title and description best describing the company’s service being provided (which to you is considered as an “offer”).
Now that you have the “ad copy/sales swipe” and the “affiliate link”, you are now able to “offer” a “valuable service” to others online as the company’s (affiliate).
An “affiliate” is a pretty cool title for someone who is on their way to generating $22,500 per month in passive income or more.
So at this point, you now have everything ready “to begin” growing your “affiliate business” to $22,500 per month in passive income.

Once your referral program account is successfully created as an affiliate with the company...

You have successfully signed up as an “affiliate” through the company’s “referral program”.
You have created (or copied) 2 or 3 “ad copies/sales swipes” that includes the short “title” and “description” that best describes the company’s offer to your referrals, along with “your unique affiliate link”.
You now have a reputable company to promote as an affiliate, which offers a “valuable monthly service” to others.
You truly believe in the actual service that the company provides.

FINALLY, it is time to implement the true nature of being an online "affiliate" which is (marketing).

You have just completed the beginning stage of the road to becoming a professional “affiliate marketer” (you’ve created a single action to passive income).
You now have only one purpose in life… and that is to get your “ad copy/sales swipe” in front of as many eyeballs online as possible.
You are going to need to learn and discover every possible thing there is to know about becoming a successful online “affiliate marketer”.
You do “not” necessarily need to use every online marketing source available, you just need to locate the one(s) that get “you” the absolute best results… and then work the living hell out of it.

How can you "work the living hell" out of the most effective online marketing source(s)?

If the marketing source(s) that you’ve found is producing more and more monthly commissions for you, you will want put everything that you’ve possibly got into it (at least until it no longer produces those results).
If that marketing source is no longer producing good results, then you must locate the next biggest online marketing source that will produce great results.
Your only “job” as a “professional affiliate marketer” will be to both discover the most reputable affiliate programs online to promote and know how to promote the living hell out of them.
That is how to create, build and grow a future of endless passive income starting off with “absolutely nothing”.
[IMPORTANT NOTE]: Average people seem to have the idea that if you start off with “absolutely nothing”, it means that it should take “absolutely nothing” to get the opportunity to become successful.
Can you see how ridiculous this type of logic is among average people?
No wonder opportunities NEVER seem to work when average people “try” them out.
When a person starts off with “absolutely nothing”, it actually means that there is no idea or opportunity present for them at that time.
Once an idea or opportunity presents itself to someone, the term “absolutely nothing” no longer exists.
Please visit my “Wealth Mindset Videos: with Alux” area to reverse the very damaging average person way if thinking!
Let’s get back to the lesson.

So what reputable company and advertising source could I possibly be referring to?

I am sure that you are now wondering what reputable company pays “anyone” $23.50 per month commission (out of $49 per month) for each paying referral sent to their company by an affiliate:
What online “marketing source” can you use to “work the living hell” out of for promoting your affiliate “ad copies/sales swipes” and “affiliate links”?
Udimi – Professional Solo Advertising (What is Udimi: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO DESCRIPTION)
As for other available online marketing sources, there are far too many various types (and levels) of marketing sources to list here such as Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, Blogging and Youtube Video Ads.
But Udimi is one of the main marketing sources that I personally “work the hell out of”.
The reason why is because Udimi verifies all of the real traffic being delivered and you basically just post your “ad copy/sales swipe” and “affiliate link”, purchase and DONE!
Udimi ads may seem to be a bit costly in the beginning, but along with being very effective advertising, it also saves time and eliminates a lot of unnecessary headache causing advertising hurdles.

Now don't run off trying to become an affiliate marketer just yet!

Before you go and sign up to become an affiliate marketer, there are still 4 very important remaining lessons to be completed here first.
The following lessons will show you how to greatly maximize your affiliate marketing efforts by adding another layer to your affiliate marketing business which will be building your own “personal audience” (followers).

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