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Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #5 of 8 )

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Amplifies Your Passive Income Generating Efforts.

The three main elements to Make Money While Asleep

As was mentioned on my initial subscribe landing page, there are three main elements to Making Money While Asleep.
1). Turn visitors 2). Into followers 3). Grow subscriptions
Now unlike any other income website that you’ve seen before, I am going to begin your “building process” starting from the end to the beginning:
This lesson will be focusing on element #3 of the three main elements to Make Money Online With Passive Income which is growing residual “paid subscription commissions” (passive income) using an “affiliate program”.
3). Grow subscriptions, then
2). Into followers, then
1). Turn visitors.
Why is starting from the end so important?
Because paid subscription commissions is the actual “foundation” of how your passive income will be generated.
It’s quite literally the main reason why you’re here!
Every successful business “starts” with a strong solid foundation.
So this lesson will be focusing specifically on 3). Grow subscriptions

The company will handle ALL aspects of their service including paying affiliates every month.

As mentioned in the previous lesson, to create passive income, you are going to need a “valuable offer” to present to potential paying subscribers.
To generate passive income, you are going to be using an “affiliate program” (as mentioned in the previous lesson).
It’s how average people have been quietly creating wealth for themselves without anyone even knowing about it.
These people are known as online “affiliate marketers” and it is absolutely one of the easiest ways of generating passive income known to mankind.

So what exactly is an "affiliate marketer"?

An “affiliate marketer” is someone who earns a commission for promoting someone else’s product or service.
By you promoting someone else’s product or service (using what is called a unique “affiliate link”), you earn a “recurring” monthly commission for every paid subscription made through your unique affiliate link.
The greatest advantages of being an online affiliate marketer are:
You “don’t” have to create a product…
You “don’t” have to create a service…
You “don’t” have to be the expert…
You “don’t” even have to sell the product or service because the company’s website that your “affiliate link” directs your referrals to will do ALL of the selling for you.
Your only job as an affiliate is to get people to click on your affiliate link and that’s basically it.
Everything else has already been “professionally” done for you all the way down to you getting paid recurring monthly commissions for your referrals paid subscription to the company.

What has the company professionally done for you already?

They provide the product or service to the customers…
They have done all of the sales marketing…
They handle all of the customer support…
They handle the customer payments…
They handle the delivery of the product or service…
They handle tracking all of your your referrals to the company…
The handle paying you monthly commissions for your referred paying customers…
So you basically get paid for simply sending people (visitors) directly through your affiliate link to the company.
And the visitor (customer/referral) will certainly benefit from the product or service that you are offering to them.
This being another major advantage of affiliates not having to do any of the work or take any of the risks or expenses of owning and running an online company.
Make Money While Asleep Beach Dining

What is a referral program (and how does an affiliate get paid)?

Many online companies offer what is called a “referral program” (or “affiliate program”).
By joining the company’s “referral program” (which is usually FREE), you will receive a personal affiliate account which assigns you a unique ID.
Your affiliate account will provide you with important tools and marketing materials to promote their company’s website which includes your “affiliate link” that will be uniquely coded and connected directly to your affiliate account ID.
Your affiliate account will also display the number of referrals that you send to their company website (via your affiliate link), the number of referral upgrades, your current earnings, past commission payouts, along with other helpful affiliate statistics.
Most companies that offer “recurring commissions” will pay you recurring payments for as long as your referrals utilize the upgraded service (passive income).
I strongly recommended joining affiliate programs that only offer recurring commissions to their affiliates.
You are allowed to join as many different affiliate programs as you like, but it is always best to focus most of your affiliate marketing efforts on up to 3 or 4 reputable and trusted companies.
Always remember that every company’s reputation that you are promoting “reflects on your reputation” as an affiliate marketer.
You always want your visitors (and subscribers) to “highly trust” the products and services that you offer to them, which will make you a very valuable trusted recommended source.

Why do professional companies provide affiliate programs to average people?

It is a “sale sharing” system where the company is willing to share a sale (called a commission) that they would otherwise not have gotten if it weren’t for their affiliates (average people promoting their business).
This process allows the company to generate additional sales while sharing the revenue with their referring online affiliates (average people).
The company ultimately creates a win win situation for all parties involved.

Which affiliate program will earn you monthly commissions?

When starting out as new affiliate marketer, highly recommends joining “Wealthy Affiliate” (with Premium membership – $49 monthly).
Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join so that you can take a good look around and get familiar with all of the components of the website.
The minute that you enter the members area, you will immediately know that you’ve stumbled upon something great and you’ll be extremely excited to get started.
I personally remember deciding to upgrade to WA Premium membership within the first hour of signing up.
Although the $49 Premium membership fee includes a massive WordPress Website builder, extensive affiliate marketing training, access to the largest and wealthiest affiliate community online and many other great features… the main reason for joining Wealthy Affiliate is simply for their 5 star affiliate program!
Wealthy Affiliate is a long standing trusted and reliable company that’s been around since 2005 (very important).
There is no need to get overwhelmed with all of the great membership features of Wealthy Affiliate because all you will need to focus on is promoting their affiliate program.
By you being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member $49 per month, not only will you be fully endorsing the service, you will also be paid $23.50 per month for every person that you refer to Wealthy Affiliate as an upgraded member.
Refer only 3 people to Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member and it will cover your $49 monthly membership fee and put you into a profit of $18.50 per month.
Each referral that you send to Wealthy Affiliate thereafter as a Premium member will earn you an additional $23.50 per month which will be continually building your “passive income”.
Referring just 500 people to Wealthy Affiliate as Premium members will earn you $11,750 per month in “passive income”, so just imagine referring 1000 to 1500 people.
Ok, 1000 people will earn you $23,500 per month… 1500 people will earn you $35,250 per month!

By promoting Wealthy Affiliate to generate passive income online, the world is your marketplace!

An estimated 1.92 billion people are expected to purchase something online this year alone and every one of them is a potential referral.
The sky is the limit and it is all possible simply by promoting the living hell out of one little unique affiliate link online.
Even if it took up to two or three years to reach a fraction of that number of referrals, wouldn’t it have been worth it?
Or you could simply choose to remain at your current average paying job for the next 20 to 40 years… and that is only “if” you do not get laid off first.
As an affiliate marketer, the world is literally your marketplace.
And everyone in it (who has an internet connection), is a possible referral.
You can CLICK HERE to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!

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The next lesson will focus on element #2 which will show you how to turn your online offer “visitors” into your own personal followers (audience)… also known to affiliate marketers as “leads”.

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