Visitors Become Leads Using A Lead Capture Page

Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #6 of 8 )

Turn Visitors Into "Leads" (Your Audience) Using A Lead Capture Page

Capture visitors to build your own personal audience called "leads" (affiliate followers)

This lesson will be focusing on element #2 of the three main elements to Make Money Online With Passive Income which is building your own “personal audience” (followers) using a “lead capture page”.
Again, the three main elements are:
1). Turn visitors 2). Into followers 3). Grow subscriptions
In the previous lesson, I talked about sending referrals directly to Wealthy Affiliate using their affiliate program’s unique affiliate link.
This lesson will cover a very important affiliate marketing element that greatly maximizes your affiliate business which is element: 2). Into followers
When you refer visitors directly to Wealthy Affiliate (via your unique affiliate link), your affiliate link directs your referrals to what is typically called a “landing page” (or “sales page”).
A “landing page” is basically the company’s sales page that sells the visitor on all of the benefits of purchasing the offer being presented by the company.
When you send visitors directly to the Wealthy Affiliate “landing page”, those visitors may (or may not) upgrade to Premium membership.
If any of those visitors do “not” upgrade to Premium membership, you may have lost them forever!
It’s like filling sand into a bucket which has a huge hole on the bottom.
To “collect” sand effectively, you must “capture” as much sand as possible by sealing the holes on the bottom of the bucket.
This goes the same for “collecting online visitors”.
To prevent your visitors from being lost when they do not upgrade with your affiliate offer, you will want to have a “lead capture” system in place.
A “lead capture” system collects and captures your visitors information (name and email address) just “before” sending them to your affiliate offer.
This gives you the ability to keep in contact with ALL of your collected visitors (your own personal audience) at any given time.
It is a similar strategy to someone getting Twitter, Instagram and YouTube “followers”.
Affiliates typically refer to these followers as being “leads” (otherwise known as personal subscribers)… “not” to be confused with “paid subscription” commissions!
“Leads” are the people who are clearly interested in your offer(s) which may “lead” to even more affiliate sales in the future.
As an affiliate, your “leads” can become very loyal to you as you continue to provide them with valuable and trusted products and services.
Your “leads” trust (and depend) on you to provide them with the best products, services, and opportunities currently floating around the internet.
A lead capture “system” includes a customizable “Lead Capture Page” that will “tease” visitors about your affiliate offer, but visitors must first submit their name and email address to gain access to the offer being presented.
That information gets submitted to your lead capture “system” and instantly gives your visitors access to the requested offer.
You’ve already seen a slightly more advanced version of this process in action at with my lead capture page!
That’s right… I captured your information while I was asleep.
Also included with the lead capture “system” is a service that collects and manages all of your leads for you in one well organized place.
The “lead service” allows you to collect leads, manage your leads, send information and offers to your leads at any time and you can even set up “auto responders” to contact your leads automatically per custom conditions that you have pre-set.
This is just another valuable tool that allows affiliate marketers to “fully automate” the process into a (hands off) “affiliate business”.

YES! That's exactly what it is... an "affiliate business"!

A REAL LIFE online “affiliate business” (when it’s taken very seriously).
Of course it’s going to take a little effort (a single action) to get everything all set up and running smoothly.
But once you do, everything will be in place running 24 hours a day on “automatic pilot”!
The only thing that you will have left to do in life is to continue to send people to your “lead capture page”…. and enjoy life as you make money, even while asleep!
Promoting your lead capture page will be your primary “job” as an affiliate marketer!
I will show you how in the following lesson!
Make Money While Asleep Fire Pit

But first, let us recap how the entire process is working up to this point.

You join Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade to Premium Membership $49 per month (which will include the affiliate program).
Promote the provided Wealthy Affiliate (landing pages) using your affiliate link “until” you receive “3 or more upgraded referrals” to cover the cost of your current Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership fee of $49 per month.
[NOTE]: You can continue the (above) process until you are able to cover any additional monthly expenses you may have.
Once you are satisfied with your number of upgraded monthly referrals at Wealthy Affiliate, you can then set up your “lead capture system” to build your own personal audience.

Create an affiliate marketing "lead capture system"

Keep in mind that if you are using a “lead capture system” as an affiliate marketer, you are using a much more advance feature than a simple affiliate link.
This advanced feature, which will help you generate more passive income much more quickly, may come at an additional cost.
The service that is required for your “lead capture system” is the “email delivery service” that actually collects, manages and sends emails to all of your leads where the cost may start out at around $19 per month (up to 500 subscribers).
The email delivery service that I use, which is very popular among affiliate marketers, is called “Aweber“.
Aweber includes many different pre-built lead capture page templates that can be fully customized to cater to just about any affiliate program offer that you may be promoting.
Of course if you are website builder savvy, you may create your own lead capture pages yourself using the WordPress builder inside your Wealthy Affiliate member account at no additional cost.
There are also even more advanced options which are third party services such as that specialize in complete “lead capture systems” which may save you a whole lot of time and effort starting out at an additional $25 per month.
Using LeadPages “lead capture systems” will still require you to have the Aweber (or similar) email delivery service to collect, manage and send to your subscribed leads.
Lastly, you will want your own personal lead capture pages to be on your own exclusive domain name (
You can purchase domain names from around $10 to $15 per “year“.
Purchasing domain names do “not” come with a website attached to it, but you can have the domain name(s) configured to any of your lead capture pages.

Affiliate business costs are adding up...

Those of you who may still be thinking like average people have probably noticed that the costs of this affiliate business are beginning to increase a bit.
Wealthy Affiliate ($49 per month) + Aweber email delivery ($19 per month) + LeadPages lead capture systems ($25 per month) + Domain name ($1.25 per month or $15 per year)
This comes to a total of ($94.25 per month) to run your own online affiliate business which could potentially earn you $22,500+ per month in passive income.
By the way, if you get only 4 referrals to upgrade at Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link, your “monthly commissions” will be ($23.50 x 4 paying referrals =) $94 per month which will cover your $94.25 per month affiliate business operating expenses.
Your “out of pocket” monthly cost will be $0.25 cents.

The benefits of having an affiliate "lead capture system" in place.

The greatest part about having a “lead capture system” in place is that you can always present your subscribed leads (your audience) with other affiliate offers that you believe would greatly benefit them… which can generate even more recurring sales commissions for yourself (passive income).
For example, both Aweber and also has very lucrative affiliate program (click on the links to view).
You can eventually graduate to the title of “super affiliate” and promote affiliate programs that are known as “high ticket sales” which can earn you commissions from $1000 to $12,000 “each” (See Legendary Marketing affiliate program by CLICKING HERE).
Are you beginning to see the endless possibilities of being an online affiliate marketer?
I’ll even go another step further!

Your referrals can also learn directly from an affiliate marketer who has already achieved success

Would you like “your” referrals to learn everything that you are learning in these lessons so that they may also “duplicate” your (and my) long term success?
Well (only after) “your referrals” have successfully upgraded their Wealthy Affiliate Membership to Premium using “your affiliate link”, simply send them directly to
I’ve already done all of the work for you to teach your referrals exactly what you are learning here.
I can ultimately provide “your” referrals with knowledge and motivation for continued success on your behalf.
I’ll say it again…
The greatest thing about being an online affiliate marketer is that all of the work has already been done for you in practically every area of the business.
You simply duplicate and utilize the success of people who are already successful, then share your success with others!

The affiliate marketer "vehicle" to passive income

The basic process of an affiliate marketer is to get set up (a single action), keep the wheels greased and turning (promote your lead capture page with affiliate offers), then let her run (grow continuous passive income)!
Much more satisfying and rewarding than your everyday traditional average paying job!
You can hope and pray for that small annual raise or promotion at your job… or you can give “yourself” a continuous and limitless lifelong raise as an online affiliate marketer.
Have you begun to develop a “wealth mindset” yet?

Watch the video (below), then continue to the next lesson.

The next lesson will focus on element #1 which will show you how to “feed” the machine “visitors” (online traffic) which turns them into your valuable targeted leads.

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