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Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #7 of 8 )

Affiliate Marketers Spend Most Of Their Money On Online Traffic (That Produces Good Results) Simply Because It Continues To Grow Their Passive Income

This is the "Super Affiliate's" biggest SECRET for success:

“The more dollars that you spend getting quality online traffic to your affiliate offer, the more money you make”!
This lesson will be focusing on element #1 of the three main elements to Make Money Online With Passive Income which is getting “visitors” to your affiliate program “landing page” or “lead capture page”.
Again, the three main elements are:
1). Turn visitors 2). Into followers 3). Grow subscriptions
In the previous lesson, I talked about building your own “personal audience” (followers) using a “lead capture page”.
Getting visitors is usually the most challenging part of being an affiliate marketer, especially in the beginning.
Most beginner affiliates generally like to start off by seeking “FREE” online traffic methods to direct visitors to their “landing pages” or “lead capture pages”, which is somewhat acceptable.
But just keep in mind that when it comes to using FREE online sources to get visitor traffic, you will have a lot of work to do (hustle) to get FREE traffic online.
This means you will be spending much more of your “time” (rather than money) getting FREE online visitor traffic.
It is definitely taking the very long road to getting your “affiliate business” off of the ground floor.
[ IMPORTANT ]: The best advice that can be given to any affiliate marketer who is first starting out is to “GO WHERE THE MONEY IS”… and also “STAY WHERE THE MONEY IS”!
The more money and the more expensive things are, the better!
It only means that everything has much more value which means everything will be much more effective.
Do you want to spend $1 to make $5 dollars… or do you want to spend $100 to make $500 dollars… or spend $1000 to make $5000 dollars… or spend $10,000 to make $50,000 dollars… or spend $100,000 to make $500,000 dollars?
I’ll ask you again… have you developed the “wealth mindset” yet?
When you put yourself in the “FREE environment online” as an affiliate marketer, you are absolutely NOT where the money is, which is why you will have to work very hard to produce results.
Try to look at it from this perspective… the reason why people stay in those FREE online environments is either because they do not like to spend money or they do not have any money.

NEVER use a very low cost paid online traffic source... especially as a beginner affiliate.

Now I am “not” going to cover all of the ways to generate “free” or “paid” online visitor traffic because you would be sitting here for several hours reading about it.
In fact, in this lesson I will only be covering “one” online visitor traffic source which I found to be the easiest and the most effective for both “beginner” and “advanced” affiliate marketers.
[ VERY IMPORTANT!!! ]: NEVER… (and I mean “NEVER”) purchase any services from “cheap traffic source” websites that promise hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website link for a very low price!
Do “not” learn this lesson “the hard way” as a beginner affiliate marketer.
You will become discouraged as an affiliate marketer very quickly and you will surely end up losing your money!
Those low cost web traffic companies will either send you (artificially generated robot) traffic that are “not” real people, or they will send you web traffic from very poor countries where they are paying people pennies to click (known as “paid to click” PTC) on various websites which is how they are able to keep their prices so low.
You have officially been warned!
Passive Income While Asleep Rooftop Dining

It is very effective to spend more money marketing to REAL people who want your affiliate offer

The very first lesson that you must learn (and accept) starting out as an affiliate marketer is that getting REAL people (who actually have money to spend) to visit your website can be very expensive.
You are either going to spend a lot of your “time” or spend a lot of “money” to get REAL people to visit your online offer.
Don’t look at this as being a bad thing… remember, you want to be (and stay) where the money is.
The reason that it’s very expensive is because it’s very effective in producing great results towards building your online passive income.
The more REAL visitors you want to visit your offer, the more it’s going cost you… especially when it comes to “targeted visitors” (which are people who are especially interested in a particular offer).
Luckily for you, the affiliate offer that I am teaching here is “making money while asleep” where the “targeted visitors” are just about everyone!
Who doesn’t want to make money while asleep?
The second lesson that you must learn starting out as an affiliate marketer is that your monthly “passive income” will soon “out-grow” your marketing expenses.
The 3 biggest reasons why most beginners fail at affiliate marketing is because:
1). They do “not” want to spend the extra money for the “effective marketing” that is “most necessary” to generate conversions (recurring sales).
2). When they “do” spend the extra money on effective marketing, they “don’t” give the process enough “time” for the recurring sales to “out-grow” their marketing expenses.
3). Beginners often believe that success should be absolutely instantaneous… and when it isn’t, they are extremely quick to say that it doesn’t work, then give up.
There is one simple solution for these 3 affiliate failures… and that is to:

FOLLOW "THE RULE OF 100"! - Don't expect any significant results until...

“The Rule Of 100” is what smart affiliate marketers use as an effective method for “not giving up” too quickly.
Here is basically how it works depending on “your style of marketing”…
* Don’t expect any significant results until you have placed 100 ads.
* Don’t expect any significant results until you have posted 100 videos on YouTube.
* Don’t expect any significant results until you have submitted 100 blog posts.
* Don’t expect any significant results until you have at least 100 personal subscribers (followers).
* Don’t expect any significant results until you have gotten 100 referrals (paying subscriptions) through your affiliate link.
The benefits of using the “The Rule Of 100” are as follows:
1). You eliminate the “newbie failure mindset” of (“I want instant gratification immediately or I give up”).
2). You will be forced to have patience when it comes to expectation… because success NEVER EVER happens immediately.
3). It will allow you to obtain much more experience about what actually works and what doesn’t.
4). It allows you to have a “results timeline” without you having to guess if it should be working yet or not.
5). It determines whether you truly have the “discipline” to become a successful online affiliate marketer or not.
These are very basic rules that are being used to turn “average” (hard working everyday) people into “wealthy” (smart working worry free) people.
Let me remind you of what was mentioned in Lessons #3, which is… “Wealthy people (do) what average people are not willing to do”.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, focus mostly on what works best for you

Find the “style of marketing” that works best for you and focus mostly on that marketing platform.
If placing online ads work best for you, focus mostly on placing online ads.
If posting YouTube videos work best for you, focus mostly on posting YouTube videos.
If creating blog posts work best for you, focus mostly on creating blog posts.
Try not to spread your time and your efforts thin by trying to do everything and be everywhere when it comes to marketing.
You do not want to be spending time writing blog posts if posting YouTube videos is what works very well for you… and vice versa.
Of course, it is always okay to use various marketing platforms when you are “testing out” the effectiveness.
Just remember that one of the main reasons for becoming an affiliate marketer in the first place is to get away from having to work so hard.

"Paying time" to "work for me" (24 hours a day) using affiliate marketing Solo Ad advertising

I personally choose to use a specialty marketing platform called “Professional Solo Ad” advertising.
Solo Ad advertising is by far the easiest most effective way to promote affiliate links, landing pages and lead capture pages online.
Placing Solo Ads may appear to be a little bit costly when first starting out as an affiliate marketer, but not only do they produce very decent results for attracting leads, placing the actual ads require very little effort which saves me an incredible amount of time!
I personally consider it as “me paying time” to “work for me” 24 hours a day!
The Solo Ad service that I use is called Udimi which is a professional Solo Ad service that allows you pay to advertise your affiliate offer(s) to the subscribers (leads) of other top online marketers who have already established a huge “audience” for themselves.
You will never pay for fake, bot, duplicate or even useless traffic because all of the traffic has been closely verified by Udimi and Udimi customers.
You may also view Solo Ad seller ratings and comments to verify their good or great reputation status.
They use in-house filters to remove any low quality visits automatically.
The Udimi custom system has been created from scratch by the best tech experts, top internet marketers and UX designers.
It will automatically track all results of your orders: general and detailed click statistics, delivery timing & deadlines, ratings, messaging, payments & refunds.
[ NOTE ]: Udimi Professional Solo Ad advertising can be used to promote “any” legitimate affiliate program!
CLICK HERE to visit Udimi’s website!
CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube review on Udimi Solo Ads
CLICK HERE to get my detailed instructions for the best way to place Udimi Solo Ads. (Locate the section by scrolling just below half way down the page)
Again, I am “not” going to cover any other marketing platforms in this lesson because that amount of material would require an entire website in itself.
If you would like to further discover more advanced advertising platforms available for affiliate marketing, simply visit and search the following search terms:

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In the next lesson, you will learn the importance of believing that money is your reality.
The most powerful factor in you obtaining wealth is your beliefs about yourself and money.
Whatever you believe, with utmost feeling, becomes your reality.

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The 6 Most Important Rules of MONEY

In order to be financially free, we have to understand the rules of money… The 7 Rules of Money: 1. Money is just the result 2. Money and Happiness are independent of each other 3. Money get’s bored 4. Moving money attracts more money 5. Can’t keep when you can help you 6. Money doesn’t follow ethics 7. Money follows attention