"Believe" Money Is Your Reality And That You Can Afford It "ALL"

Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Lesson #8 of 8 )

"A Person Is What He Or She Thinks About All Day Long!"

How you spend most of your time only demonstrates your current reality

What you spend most of your time doing not only demonstrates the current state of your reality, but it also carves out more of what will come in the future.
The fastest way to begin turning things in your favor is by having definite desires and goals to pursue that you truly believe will be your reality beyond any doubt.
Individuals who lead abundant, prosperous, joyous lifestyles dedicate every moment of their “time” pursuing their hearts greatest desires.

STOP worrying and complaining about everything

For the next 21 days, stop all of your worrying and complaining about everything that you are ultimately bringing into your current existence.
Any kind of complaining including things that involve your lack of money such as bills that “you” created,
…you not earning enough money,
…gas prices being too high,
…things are too expensive,
…not being able to afford the things you want or need,
…other people who are doing much bigger and better things than you are, etc.
Passive Income While Asleep Pool Lounge

The final rule to becoming rich to experience your dreams is simply the "practice" of (act as if...)!

Act as if… you are rich and wealthy already! (Really feel it as if it were your reality)
Act as if… you can afford anything that you want or need (Remove all feelings of lack)
Act as if… you live in the house of your dreams! (While living in your current home)
Act as if… you drive the car of your dreams! (While driving your current car)
Act as if… you can afford buying lots of advertising as an affiliate marketer! (Continually building your passive income)
Act as if… you run a full fledged affiliate marketing business online! (Generating $22,500+ per month in passive income)
It takes both the inner work of exercising your wealth mindset as well as the outer work of understanding proper ways of making money “work for you” should you really desire long lasting wealth and prosperity.
The rich and wealthy individuals who’ve tapped into this truth get to design the lifestyles of their dreams… and if you’ve been paying attention throughout these lessons (or throughout this entire website for that matter), I believe you will be able to do the same beyond a doubt.
The most powerful words ever spoken on wealth and success was said by the late Napoleon Hill:
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”Napoleon Hill
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P.S. (The Lessons Finale Easter Egg)
Those who have gotten motivated and inspired by MakeMoneyWhileAsleep.com likely did so not long after arriving at this website.
Those who have “not” gotten motivated… have not likely made it this far.
So for those who stuck around to the very end, why don’t we have a little fun with an affiliate marketing legend from the past named… Umm…?
Well no one ever really knew his name because he chose to remain anonymous… so he was simply known as “The Rich Jerk”!
WARNING: Mild mature themed humor ahead.

Congratulations... you're done!
Enjoy this classic (bonus) affiliate marketing video from a pioneer legend!

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The Rich Jerk - 2016 Official Video (He's Better Than You)

“Why am I a multi-millionaire and you are not? Because I go where the money is”