Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Passive Income Setup Guide
For Beginners

Make Money Online With Passive Income – ( Quick Start Setup Guide )

You Will Not Find A Better Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing Than This!

There are two startup options for becoming and affiliate marketer

[ Option #1 ]: Quick setup and promote is the simple way to jump right into affiliate marketing which provides the affiliate program, affiliate links, landing pages and solo advertising.
If you would like to see if affiliate marketing is right for you, then option #1 is the way to go.
Stay on this page and continue to follow the instructions (below).
[ Option #2 ]: If you do not want to spend valuable time starting affiliate marketing from the ground floor, you can begin building a “serious affiliate marketing online business” (as you learn) by CLICKING HERE.
Option #2 is for those who already know for certain when an opportunity needs to be taken very serious.

Continue with [ Option #1 ] - The available landing pages that are ready for you to promote

 Take a look at the following available “affiliate link” landing pages (below) that are ready for you to access:
To begin promoting any of the (above) affiliate links to generate referrals and passive monthly commissions, you must simply “replace” only the “xxxxxxxx” in the link with your “unique affiliate ID number”.
To get a “unique affiliate ID number” instantly, you must sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program) by CLICKING HERE.
BUT… before signing up, continue reading (below) to choose the best sign up option that is right for you.

Wealthy Affiliate: ( Membership fees )

Wealthy Affiliate (FREE Starter) “Membership Cost”: [ FREE ]
Wealthy Affiliate (Premuim Upgrade) “Membership Cost”: [$19 first month special offer… then $49 mo. thereafter ]

Wealthy Affiliate: ( Affiliate commission payout structure ):

Wealthy Affiliate (FREE Starter) Member “SINGLE” Affiliate Commissions:
    • Joining Wealthy Affiliate (Starter membership) is always FREE.
    • (FREE Starter membership) affiliates earn ($4) for referring the “$19 first month special offer upgrade”… then earn ($11.75 monthly) thereafter.
    • (FREE Starter membership) affiliates also earn ($54) for referring each “6 month upgrade” buyer and ($87.50) for referring each “yearly upgrade buyer”.
Wealthy Affiliate (Premium Upgrade) Member “DOUBLE” Affiliate Commissions:
    • Joining Wealthy Affiliate (Premium membership) is $19 for the first month special offer… then $49 mo. thereafter.
    • (Premium membership) affiliates earn ($8) for referring the “$19 first month special offer upgrade”… then earn ($23.50 monthly) thereafter.
    • (Premium membership) affiliates also earn ($108) for referring each “6 month upgrade” buyer and ($175) for referring each “yearly upgrade buyer”.
    • (Premium membership) affiliates also earn a ($1) credit for anyone “that joins for free” and sets up their account”. 

Create your "Wealthy Affiliate" account:

Use the following instructions to complete your Wealthy Affiliate sign up and obtain your “unique affiliate ID#”:
    • Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and choose your membership level by CLICKING HERE
    • Once you have access to your Wealthy Affiliate account, “complete” the account setup process as instructed.
    • Only do the “minimum required” to complete the account setup process (including your affiliate profile).
    • Once your account “setup is complete” (to not get yourself overwhelmed) continue with the instructions provided (below).

Simple "Wealthy Affiliate" members area navigation instructions:

To “not” get overwhelmed with the features in the members area, follow the navigation instructions (below):
    • In your members area dashboard, look for the ( $ ) button in the “top right” black bar menu
    • Click on the ( $ ) button, then choose “Program Details” in the first box
    • [ NOTE ]: This console is where you will be doing all of your business as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

The (Affiliate Work Console) of Wealthy Affiliate's website:

Click on the ( $ ) button in the “top right” black bar menu of the members area dashboard, then click “Program Details” which will put you in the “affiliate marketing console”.
You will see five tabs near the top of the page which include the following 8 sections: Details, Tasks, Stats, Referrals, Messages, Training, Tracking and Banners.
Get yourself extremely familiar with everything inside these 8 section… for they are now your “affiliate marketing online business”!
Go through each of the 8 sections very closely to learn how each tool will benefit your affiliate marketing business
If you need help or have any questions about these 8 sections, use the “Help Center” link “at the bottom of the left side menu” of the members area.
To grab your “unique affiliate ID number”, continue reading below.

Accessing your (unique affiliate ID number)

Use the following instructions to obtain your “unique affiliate ID#”:
    • Click on the ( $ ) button in the “top right” black bar menu, then click “Program Details”
    • Just below the 8 section affiliate buttons near the top of the page, you will see “Your affiliate link”
    • Your “unique affiliate ID#” is the “last 8 numbers” of the link:
    • Copy the “last 8 numbers” of your affiliate link and paste it in a text document locally on your computer
    • (Replace) “xxxxxxxx” in any of the (above) landing page affiliate links with your “unique affiliate ID#” to promote them… then all of your referrals and sales will be tracked back to your account
    • You will receive monthly commissions for every upgrade referral made through your unique affiliate link(s)
    • [ NOTE ]: You will “not” be capturing and “personal leads” (followers) when you promote affiliate links directly… you will only receive direct referral and sales
    • Continue (below) to learn how to effectively promote (market) your affiliate link(s) to prospects (visitors) online

(How to promote) your affiliate link landing pages

Use the following instructions to get visitors to your affiliate link landing page(s)”:
    • The first thing that you will need to do is decide which affiliate “landing page” you want to promote, then grab your “unique affiliate link” for that page
    • Copy and paste that “unique affiliate link” to a text document locally on your computer and replace the “xxxxxxxx” with your “unique affiliate ID#”
    • Next, you will need an “ad copy/swipe” to describe your offer to visitors which can be found by CLICKING HERE and  choosing the “Email Promote” button in the top menu to access the 5 available “ad copy/swipes”
    • Copy and paste the available email “ad copy/swipes” to a text document locally on your computer and (replace) [ YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE ] in the message with your “unique affiliate link”
    • [ NOTE ]: You “can” edit or shorten the “ad copy/swipes” to best fit your ad campaign needs
    • Once your “ad copy/swipe” is ready with your updated “unique affiliate link” added, you can now place Solo Ads to promote (market) your offer online
    • [ NOTE ]: Again, promoting your “unique affiliate link” (directly) will not get you any “personal subscribers” (leads/followers) because there is no “lead capture page system” in place
    • Promoting your “unique affiliate link” (directly) will only drive “referrals, sales and upgrade subscriptions” to your affiliate offer, BUT… you will be able to contact your referrals through your Wealthy Affiliate account
    • Continue (below) to learn how to promote (market) your “ad copy/swipe” using Professional Solo Advertising

How to promote your (ad copy/swipes) through "Udimi" Solo Advertising:

Use the following instructions to get visitors to place ads with Udimi Solo Ads”:
    • [ NOTE ]: If you would like to have the tool in place to build “personal subscribers” (leads/followers) before placing Solo Ads (which is the part that happens before sending visitors directly to your “unique affiliate link” landing page), CLICK HERE to re-visit the lesson on setting up a “Lead Capture Page System”.
    • To continue (without) a “lead capture page system”, go to Udimi website by CLICKING HERE, then create a FREE account (or login if you have an existing account)
    • Once logged in to your Udimi account, you will be on your Udimi “profile” page… and if you scroll  down the page a bit, you will see a “5 Step Instructions Box” on “How to Buy Successful Solo”
    • I personally have “two ways” for locating the best most effective solo ad sellers on Udimi
    • #1). From your Udimi profile page, click “Forum” in the “top right menu” (at the top of the page), then just “below” the (left side navigation menu) you will see a box with “Udimi Monthly Competition”, then click “This Month’s Live Results” , then scroll down the page until you see “MOST (I GOT SALES) RATINGS THIS MONTH”… and also look for “TOP SELLERS THIS MONTH” and you will see all of the top solo ad sellers on Udimi
    • #2). From your Udimi profile page (Udimi Home), click “Find Sellers” in the “top right menu” (at the top of the page), again near the top of the page (above the seller profiles) you will see a “filter settings box” where you will click the “Add Filter” link and choose “Start Within” and click on (14 Days) and change to “24 Hours”, then click the “Add Filter” link again and choose “Main Traffic Source” and click on (ALL COUNTRIES) and change to “Top Tier Countries”, then click the “Add Filter” link again and choose “List verification” and click on (All) and change to “Verified by Udimi”, then click the “Add Filter” link again and choose “Last Seen” and click on (Within 90 days) and change to “Within a week”, then click the “Add Filter” link again and choose “Niche” and click on (Any niche) and change to “Marketing”… now for the (default settings) change “Ratings” from (0+) to “25+”, then change “Got Sales” from (0%) to “20%”, then [ NOTE ]: This is important…  on the “Sort” filter, click on (Sales) and “deselect/uncheck” (Promoted), then click the “Save Search” button and name it “My Filter”… and now the best solo ad sellers with the most sales are being displayed on that page. You can click the “Load Saved” button and choose “My Filter” whenever you return to purchase more solo ads.
    • I highly suggest buying from all of the displayed sellers at some point to see which ones give you the best results and then use “the hell out of them” by buying as many Solo Ads as you can as often as you can… and remember that you will not get rich overnight, so you must have the discipline and stamina to patiently wait for your passive income to build and out grow your advertising expenses which may take a little time. This part is what literally separates successful affiliate marketers from the rest who fail to overcome the biggest obstacle of affiliate marketing and passive income.
    • To purchase the actual Solo Ad,  choose a seller and click on their profile picture, then use the “Message” button to contact the seller and send him/her your affiliate link to see if they recommend purchasing a solo ad from them… (if so) review the sellers page and buyer feedback. On the purchase console, select options: “Base Filter” – “Only Top Tier” –  “No Mobile”,  enter your unique affiliate link into the URL link (http://) field, select the option “I Have Ad Text” and enter your subject and message from your saved (ad copy/swipe), now you can adjust the visitors slider bar to select the number of visits that you want to your affiliate link… and now you can determine the price that is within your budget. It is highly recommended to purchase from 200 to 350 visits “whenever you are testing a new seller’s results”… and purchase 351 to 500+ visits “when you know the seller delivers great results”. Click the “Add To Cart” button and checkout to complete the purchase.
    • Always remember that every time that you purchase a Solo Ad from these sellers, you are ultimately “investing in yourself” and “paying yourself first” as strongly recommended by mentor Dan Lok
    • Dan Lok also strongly recommends that you develop a “high income skill”… in this case would be “affiliate marketing” which includes locating the best recurring commission affiliate programs available, creating very effective “ad copy/swipes” (aka copy writing) that best describe your affiliate offer(s), collecting new subscribers using a lead capture page, continuously generating visitors to your affiliate offer(s) by way of Professional Solo Advertising and keeping close track of your leads, referrals and sales generated from your marketing and advertising efforts. This is your entire affiliate marketing passive income generating business in a nutshell!
    • Once you begin generating monthly sales commissions through the process mentioned (above), you will certainly be on your way to making money while asleep, because those professional solo ads that are constantly building your audience will continue to produce more and more passive (leveraged) income sales for you 24 hours a day.
    • Continue (below) to learn how to advance your affiliate marketing “high income skill”

As you produce more sales, be sure to quickly "advance" your affiliate marketing (high income skill)

If you completed the entire process mentioned (above)… Congratulations! You’ve officially developed an affiliate marketing “high income skill”… and it didn’t even require a college education.
Simply having the knowledge of Udimi Advertising alone is worth thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars to an affiliate marketer which if perfected can be labled as a “high income skill”, simply because it can be used with just about any affiliate program… including “high ticket sales offers” which advanced affiliate marketers use to earn six and seven figure yearly incomes.
You see, once you begin to understand the entire affiliate marketing process, it all becomes quite simple to completely automate over time… of course once the affiliate marketing tools are all in place.
Although promoting your affiliate offer(s) using Udimi is very effective for generating “direct” affiliate recurring sales, it is much more important as an affiliate marketer to capture their visitors as subscribers (leads/followers) first to build a “personal audience” just before presenting the affiliate offer.
So make sure that you put a “lead capture page” system in place once you begin generating a promising number of direct affiliate sales from your affiliate link landing page(s).
Once all three affiliate marketing tools are in place (Turn Visitors [Udimi Solo Ads] – Into Followers [Lead Capture page] – Grow Subscriptions [Affiliate Program Sales]), you have successfully unleashed the unlimited power of “passive income” as an online “affiliate marketer”!
Your purpose as an affiliate marketer is to always be fine tuning your marketing efforts for the best possible results and most important of all… “ALWAYS BE ADVERTISING”!!!
Continue (below) to learn the importance of “advertising”

The importance of (effective continuous advertising/marketing)

You cannot put any price on effective advertising (marketing)… it simply changes lives!
Of course I don’t have to tell you that “advertising” is the life’s blood of any business and that companies will easily spend millions and millions of dollars on effective advertising simply because it produces results… or more specifically it “produces a huge return on the investment”.
No offer can be sold in volume unless it is continuously being presented to an audience of some sort… the bigger the audience, the better the results.
By far the absolute best offer to present to an audience is a “subscription based offer” simply because the recurring payments greatly multiply the results of each individual sale.
It is highly recommended that new affiliate marketers invest as much as humanly possible in effective advertising during the first 12 months which is not only good for “building” affiliate recurring sales, but it is also a crucial part of “gaining experience” as an affiliate marketer which is invaluable.
If you’ve gone through all of the information provided in this website, then I certainly won’t need to remind you to take your online affiliate marketing business extremely serious, learn everything that you can to succeed in affiliate marketing and apply as much advertising humanly possible to increase you personal subscribers (leads/followers) and affiliate subscription sales (passive leveraged income).
There’s no doubt that it will be a bit challenging in the very beginning to get all of the necessary tools in place, but just remember that when it comes to passive income… every time that you “complete” a process, it will pay you effortlessly throughout the future.
For the select few of you out there who believe beyond a doubt in the true possibility of success in your near future… I would like to personally welcome you to the club (in advance)!
I strongly recommend that you re-visit every area of this website often (particularly the Wealth Video area) so that you continue to stay motivated as well as the continued practice of reconditioning your entire thought process about accumulating money and wealth into your life… even while asleep!

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